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The primary mission of the Rochester Fire Department Wellness/Physical Fitness Program is to provide a wide range of programs designed to protect & enhance the health & safety of the City of Rochester professional firefighters through education, training, nutrition, exercise and practice.

In September of 1994 the Rochester Fire Department approached the New Hampshire Municipal Association (NHMA) in reference to a physical fitness program, NHMA assisted us with a $5,000.00 grant. This was to be used toward the purchase of equipment and training.

Guidelines were established and agreed upon on how the program should be run. This would be the first program to be funded by NHMA in the State of New Hampshire. This pilot program would determine if further grants would be available. In November of 1994, a two year contract was signed between the Rochester Fire Department and NHMA.

The physical fitness program was started on May 1,1995. This was set up as a voluntary program. In order to follow the guidelines, 60% of the members had to work out an average of 10 times a month. The membership progress is evaluated every 6 months.

A equipment survey was conducted prior to purchasing the equipment. This helped make the decision on what type of equipment to buy. We purchased 2 treadmills, a stationary bike and two weight stations. A set of dumbbells were donated by the Strafford County YMCA. Other equipment has also been available to the members.

The program has been going strong for 2 years. In September of 1997 we were notified by NHMA that the program was very successful. This has made it possible for other departments to apply for a grant.

The main goal of this program was to help the Rochester Firefighters in staying healthy and physically fit for the job we do. If we can save the life of a firefighter, then our goal has been fulfilled.

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