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To contact personnel at the Rochester Fire Department
or for questions or comments, dial 335-7545
or E-mail the Chief at norm.sanborn@rochesternh.net

The suppression division of the Rochester Fire Department is responsible for fire protection in an area of approximately 45 square miles, inhabited by over 30,000 people. In order to provide this service on a professional and cost effective level, the personnel and equipment must at all times be ready for an immediate response.

The following article summarizes the complement of the "Shifts" along with their daily routine which will give the reader insight as to how the members of the Rochester Fire Department ensure the readiness of it's equipment and personnel at a moments notice.

Currently, the suppression division is staffed by 39 members. These members are divided in four groups or as more commonly known shifts. Each shift is comprised of 1 Captain, 1 Lieutenant, and at least 6 Firefighters. One shift is currently staffed with 7 Firefighters, as we work to increase staffing.  Each shift will work an average of 42 hours per week. The work week is broken down as follows. The members will work 1-24 hour shift with two days off and then work 1-24 hour shift with 4 days off.  The shifts run from 7:00am to 7:00am.

The Captain (Shift Commander, Shift Officer) is assigned to Station 1 the supervisor for the six firefighters and one lieutenant. The shift officers job is to ensure the daily activities for the department are carried out. Also, the Captain will determine the needed resources to provide an effective response for emergency calls. Other responsibilities are but not limited to, evaluations, conducting training, performing various inspections and tasks otherwise assigned.

The Lieutenant is assigned to station 2 along with two of the six on duty firefighters. He is responsible for the supervision of the firefighters under his control at Station 2. Also, the Lieutenant will determine the needed resources to provide an effective response for emergency calls. Other responsibilities are but not limited to, evaluations, conducting training, performing various inspections and tasks otherwise assigned.

The firefighters are split between the two stations and responsible for performing the daily activities along with maintenance and operating the departments apparatus and specialized equipment and tools. Daily activities which must be performed are station maintenance, which ensures a clean and safe work place for the employees as well as the public. A substantial amount of time is devoted to equipment care and maintenance. Devoting this time confirms that the equipment will be operable without notice at any time during the day or night. The firefighters also spend several hours training. This allows them to maintain the skills they have acquired along with staying current with new technology in the fire service. If time allows, the firefighters may also participate in a physical fitness program. The firefighters also perform several other duties from assisting the Shift Officer, conducting tours for visitors to working on special details and projects.

Along with performing the above listed functions, it must be remembered that the primary function of the suppression division is to respond to calls for assistance. Some examples of calls which we respond to are structure fires, car accidents, medical assist, alarm activation's, lock outs and public assists.  In FY 2014 the fire department responded to over 2,300 calls for service.


Fire Chief: Norman Sanborn - Administration
Assistant Chief: Mark Dupuis - Administration
Fire Marshal: Tim Wilder - Fire Prevention
Deputy Chief: Dennis Dube - Training 
Deputy Chief: John Powers - Fire Prevention
Secretary: Cindi Potts


Eric Lenzi

Nick Marique

Jeff Comeau
Bruce Snyder
Rick Dunton
Chris Stevens
Sam Morrill

Joe Riley
Kevin Banks


Paul LaClair

Steve Plante

Missy Ayers
Brian Snyder
Jerry McKay

Daryl Morales
Paul Haggenmiller
Devon Pageau
Seth Wentworth


Mark Avery

Ken Chick

Jim Jacques
Beth Blake
Darryl Jeffers
Jarrod Wheeler
Kaitlin Taatjas
Matt Furtney


Joe Burns

Mike George

Pat Couch
Jason Laferte
Micah Ruel
Ken Hoyt
Matt Parker
Joshua Biron

As you have read, the members of the Rochester Fire department maintain a steady work schedule while on duty. Below you will find two time lines which mirror a typical day shift along with a typical night shift.

0700-0720 Shift Briefing
0720-0730 Vehicle Inspection
0730-0830 Station Maintenance
0830-0930 Vehicle Maintenance
0930-1030 Vehicle Cleaning
1030-1145 Extra Details
1145-1300 Lunch
1300-1500 Training
1500-1845 Workouts, Study Time
1800-1845 Dinner
1845-2100 Training, Workouts, Study Time, Extra Projects

As mentioned earlier, we respond to emergency calls every day. Therefore, the schedules will be altered or adjusted to allow for the time that is consumed attending to the incidents.

Should you have any further questions which you would like answered, feel free to either contact us by phone, e-mail or stop in for a visit.

City of Rochester Fire Department
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